Documentation and training

As a consultancy firm that specialises in the design and implementation of facilities and legalisations, at EABROSSA we offer our clients a comprehensive service to draw up official documents that must be submitted before regulatory state, regional or local organisations.

Either it is about construction permits, activity licences, official documents, documentation on measuring equipment calibration, validation plans, documents on manufacturing processes validation, manufacturing registers, risk analysis documents or safety-related documents, EABROSSA’s team of experts help our clients reach their goals. The same applies to complementary training for work teams. The activities that take place in clean rooms, laboratories, operating theatres, hospitals or in the food industry may require additional knowledge on GMP, quality systems or on the handling of highly-technological equipment. Whatever the case may be, our team is ready to offer the best service.

The training programmes organised by EABROSSA help our clients improve their production processes and optimise their resources. We design tailor-made, complementary training programmes that can be organised occasionally or on a regular basis so that workers can acquire the necessary skills to perform their tasks.

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