Investing in high-level equipment and facilities must go hand in hand with a good maintenance service to avoid breakdowns, as they would be costly and they would undermine the production process.

At EABROSSA, we put corrective and preventive maintenance services at our clients’ disposal to ensure their facilities and equipment work with a complete quality guarantee.

Operational excellence is only achieved with preventive maintenance, which will extend the lifespan of the equipment. Our experts are in charge of keeping the equipment and the facilities in perfect conditions by means of regular inspections and follow-ups, which prevents breakdowns and failures.

Preventive maintenance minimises the likelihood of having failures that could have a disruptive impact on the production processes. Our clients are offered a corrective maintenance service, thanks to which we solve the unexpected events that may arise. Our team reacts quickly and efficiently to overcome any kind of obstacles in the facilities or in the equipment. Therefore, our clients can keep doing their tasks with the minimum impact.

A good maintenance is the best investment.


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