Consultancy and technical management

However, our work does not end with the consulting process. We also offer a technical management service to our clients.

The consultancy and technical management service that we offer at EABROSSA is aimed at offering the advice, guidance and counsel our clients need for their projects. Our pool of experts provides advice, recommendations and instructions to companies from an unbiased and objective perspective.

Consultants assess the idea that the client is willing to develop, they analyse the needs and the functioning of your company, they then evaluate the available resources and they study the project feasibility. Once all the necessary information is gathered, our professionals design the solution that best fits our clients’ expectations.

We are specialised in environment and energy consulting because we are fully aware of the importance of energy efficiency and the conservation of the earth.

At EABROSSA, we deploy all our expertise and know-how in every single project we carry out. We assess the needs of your company and we detect likely areas for improvement. Having our clients’ proposals as a starting point, we suggest the application of certain measures, we propose some adjustments and we eventually put in place the necessary actions.

A team of experts is in charge of supervising how the works progress during their different phases and aspects, from a technical, aesthetic, urban and environmental point of view. We take into consideration the regulations of every sector, and we ensure that we comply with the specifications defined in every single project. Technical management is essential in order to efficiently manage and control the project, and this also applies to time-saving and deadline-related aspects.

The necessary improvements of this process are always carried out in consultation with our client.

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