Clean rooms

We optimise the resources to design environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient spaces.

Clean rooms are facilities where some processes are carried out and for which environmental control is vital. Environmental quality requirements in clean rooms require a deep knowledge and a strict compliance of the regulations in all the fields.

Depending on what their final destination is, facilities must keep several factors under control, such as air cleanliness, differential pressure, temperature, relative humidity, sound level and light level, among other variables.

The study, the implementation of the project and the construction of the clean rooms is one of the strong points of EABROSSA. We cover the needs of any sector, from comprehensive turnkey projects to partial elements such as floors, panels, roofs, lightning, doors, windows, air conditioning or HVAC equipment.

The installation of clean rooms starts with a design project that has been agreed upon previously with the client.

Throughout the project, we define the processes and the operations via a flow chart that takes into account each area’s applicable regulations, functionality, maintenance and control. The layouts and the documentation thoroughly reflect all the details.

We work to always offer the best alternative to our clients.

Our projects abide by the highest quality standards in accordance with the international directives and regulations of every field:

  • Pharmaceutical industry: GMP, FDA
  • Clean rooms: EN ISO 14644
  • Sanitary products manufacturing: 93/42/93 EEC
  • Cosmetic industry: EN ISO 22716/08
  • Hospitals and operating theatres: EN 100713
  • Food production of animal origin: EC 853/2004

By following these regulations, we calibrate the equipment and we validate the processes at the end of the works to ensure that our clients have completely safe and efficient equipment and facilities.

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