Technological equipment

Our teams are designed to abide by the required standards of the production processes according to the international regulations established by ISO, GMP and the FDA.

Production processes of the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industry, among many others, require advanced technological equipment that complies with the international standards. This is the only way to manipulate and manufacture products in an isolated and completely secure way, free of any kind of contamination.

As a result of the experience our experts have gained throughout the years, in EABROSSA we hold a great deal of cutting-edge technological equipment.

Weighing booths
Weighing booths are isolated work areas in which an air laminar flow is created to protect the product.

Regardless of what they are used for, like taking of samples, weighing of raw materials or any other type of usage, EABROSSA’s weighing booths have been thoroughly designed to control the concentration of particles in the air, thus protecting materials and preventing cross contamination from taking place.

Laminar flows
Laminar flow cabinets are facilities specifically designed to protect critical processes in which air must flow one-way.

The main feature of laminar flows is the organised, stratified and smooth way in which air moves. The laminar flow cabinets that EABROSSA develops allow fluids to move in parallel layers without mixing together and to follow their path according to the parameters of Reynolds number.

SAS for the passage of equipment and personnel
The demanding requirements in production processes of drugs, food and veterinary and cosmetic products, among others, make it paramount to use equipment that guarantees the safety and quality of the end product.

SAS systems for the passage of equipment and personnel are specifically designed to allow a safe transfer of materials and people between different classified areas to ensure the ideal confinement of the exposed area, thus avoiding dirt and cross-contamination.

EABROSSA has the most advanced SAS systems for the passage of equipment and personnel, and they are developed with the highest safety standards.

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